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Join us for an exclusive concert in SoundFi with the MicroChicks on Christmas Day
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50m| 2020|Young Pop
Texas Music Project Presents the MicroChicks
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Join us for an exclusive concert in SoundFi with the MicroChicks on Christmas Day benefiting the Music Heals Program at the Texas Children’s Hospital. The performance is free and streamed in SoundFi 3D spatial audio. Come chat live with MicroChicks and support this great cause. Come meet Dany, Tay, and Chloee - 3 modern tweens creating a new narrative for their young girl group, As the tween market explodes, the Microchicks are forging a new path with a very modern stage show. The mix of music with EDM sounds, robotic interplay of new wearables, live singing (that’s right…no lip syncing!), and interactive media weaves, the Microchicks’ deliver an amazing experience for their fans! These young tween songs cross various music genres - as musicians, dancers and singers, their stage presence attracts fans at festivals, theme parks and events. Because of their very diverse backgrounds (all 3 families are some version of The Modern Family), their young hearts understand today’s social pulls! So, their #1 priority is not just in performing but in giving back to the community who have circumstances that don’t allow them the same opportunities. They raise money, create awareness, organize fundraisers, and often give their own “tip money” away for a worthy fan with needs. Their Involvement with the TMP and the Music Heals Program is no different… The Microchicks have appeared just about everywhere in Texas! The Dallas Stars, Kidzania, Nascar, Crayola Experience, Cartoon Network, Gaylord Events, Gary Sinise “Snowball”, Texas Music Project, major airport stages, Six Flags Corp, and multiple city events, charity and children’s hospitals, featured national anthem singers at major sporting events, and many showcases and videos... Enjoy the MicroChicks in SoundFi on Christmas Day! Put on your headphones and enjoy the show!
Young Pop
Band Members
Taylor Alyne - vocals, guitars, keyboard; Dany-E - vocals, keyboard; Chloee Rae - vocals, guitars, keyboard, percussion
Record Label
Septien Productions

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