- Lemonade.TV
Easy to setup, easy to use.
Stream live anytime, anywhere.
We enable the global community to go live with our mobile-first content platform constantly empowering the seller with access to brands/shops in alignment of their passion and knowledge of the products and services to create revenue.
Simple dashboard management
Full e-commerce backend
Order management
Shipping integration
Content creator management
Warehouse management
Track sales by creator
Shopify plugin
There is a 3.5% payment processing fee on Lemonadetv. This fee is based on the total order price.
When connected to a brand selling their goods you earn a flat fee or percentage of the retail price which is determined by each brand.
There is a 5% fee on any item that sells. This fee is charged on the retail selling price of each item and only applies to the owner of that item.
Increase your sales or earn a percentage of sales representing a brand.
Our technology makes authentic connection simple, with live video, real-time chat, curated products and a streamlined checkout process.

And it's more than just a live selling platform, it's a community where people come to talk about what they love, discover new favorite products and connect with the brands they are passionate about.
Zoom Marketplace Integration
Full integration with Zoom Marketplace allowing brands and creators to easily go live by using their Zoom accounts for free, enhancing the e-commerce experience for both creators and consumers.
Shopify Integration
Shopify users can now connect their store’s inventory to their Lemonade.tv account, which provides full integration so that you can share your store’s products while you’re live.

Real time inventory sync makes sure your shop is always up-to-date and accurate across platforms!

Anyone can sell on lemonadetv. If you have personal items to sell, sell them quickly on lemonadetv. If you have a small business and want to reach more people and be more engaging, sell on lemonadetv. If you are a Brand and want to have other people sell for you, you can connect with creators on lemonadetv to help feature your products.

When you partner with a Brand to represent their products in your live episodes, you can earn a flat fee or a percentage of sale from every purchase your audience makes. Brands can set a flat fee or a percentage of the sale price that you can earn on every item they have in their inventory. The lemonadetv platform captures this fee at the time of sale and pays you, the creators directly. Depending on the industry, you can make between 15% - 25% on average per item you sell depending on category type.

No, the beauty of lemonadetv is that anyone can sell. If you have a small social following, lemonadetv can help connect you with Brands so you can start earning a commission on anything you sell right away. If you have a larger following, you can engage with your audience more on lemonadetv via live chat and directly share the products you are passionate about which you can’t do on any other social channels.

lemonadetv collects all payments from each transaction and pays out the net sales and all fees and commissions to the appropriate users.

Connecting with brands is easy. With your Creator account you can search for brands that you are interested in representing and quickly send a request to join. This shares your profile information with a potential brand and you will receive a notification when they approve you. Easily add that brands products to your episode the next time you go live.